FreeMasonry is a fraternity of like minded men who put aside their political, social and religious differences to meet on an equal plane - what Masons call "the Level" - to better themselves, their community and their bretheren. 

Stone Masons

Freemasonry grew out of guilds of stone masonry craftsmem, called operative masonry. Freemasonry now focuses on how to make good men better, described as speculative masonry - now very few actually do brick or stone work.




A Mason must be a man of an adult age, have a sound reputation, be well-recommended by his peers and believe in a supreme being regardless of religious orientation.


You must either know a Mason and ask that person about Masonry or come to a Masonic Lodge and spend some time getting to know the Masons there. Personal identity, character and background are important to Masons and their fraternal bretheren.

North Bend Masons sponsor the Masonic Bikes for Books program to encourage students to read. Each year North Bend Masons contribute bicycles to children participating in reading programs in local elementary schools.

Toward that end, North Bend Masons are happy to bring the Masonic Bikes 4 Books program to students in Snoqualmie Valley Elementary schools to establish a love for reading early in life. North Bend Masons sponsor the annual Bikes for Books program with the participation of Singletrack Cycles of North Bend.

The Laptops for Students program of Unity Lodge gives youngsters a good start in learning and keeping up with technology for their school work - ultimately so that each will have their highest level of success in their educations and beyond. This program is an expression of the principles we learn in Lodge meetings.

The Lodge provides a free laptop computer to qualified families with school-age children who don't have a computer at home for schoolwork. This program focuses on elementary schools in the Snoqualmie Valley School District and provides a reliable and easy-to-use computer for computer-assisted learning. Since the beginning of the program in 2016 the program has gifted 95 laptops.

Unity Lodge 198

North Bend, Washington

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On Saturday, August 17, 2013, members of North Bend Mason’s Unity Lodge celebrated a century of service to the Valley with a moment of renewal. North Bend Masons struck a special coin for the occasion.

The lodge had been deconsecrated and darkened before then Grand Master of Washington, Bruce E. Vesper, ceremonially rededicated it for another 100 years of service with a symbolic presentation of oil, grain and wine.

Unity Lodge #198 officers for 2018
Unity Lodge No. 198 2018 officers
Pictured, left to right: Treasurer: Bro. David Bach; Worshipful Master: W Jonathan Seaton; Senior Warden: W Matt Roalkvam; Junior Warden: W Ernest Jenner; Secretary: W Dean Markley
Unity Lodge No. 198 officers contact information
 Worshipful Master  W Jonathan Seaton  master@unity198.org
 Senior Warden  W Matt Roalkvam  senior.warden@unity198.org
 Junior Warden  W Ernest Jenner  junior.warden@unity198.org
 Secretary  W Dean Markley  secretary@unity198.org
 Treasurer  Bro. David Bach  treasurer@unity198.org


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Musings of an initiate - one who has not yet learned the basics of Freemasonry and who brings a lifetime of independent development from a variety of social and religious experiences. Not an outsider in spirit, but yet to become an insider in fact.

These comments may show simple ignorance as well as, possibly, important insights to sharing Freemasonry with our contemporaries.

This blog is written by a stubborn, opinionated and inexperienced Master Mason, who may sometimes be (unintentionally) disruptive.

In following posts I muse about the practices of Masonry as I have observed them over three years.

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