FreeMasonry is a fraternity of like minded men who put aside their political, social and religious differences to meet on an equal plane - what Masons call "the Level" - to better themselves, their community and their bretheren. 

Stone Masons

Freemasonry grew out of guilds of stone masonry craftsmem, called operative masonry. Freemasonry now focuses on how to make good men better, described as speculative masonry - now very few actually do brick or stone work.




A Mason must be a man of an adult age, have a sound reputation, be well-recommended by his peers and believe in a supreme being regardless of religious orientation.


You must either know a Mason and ask that person about Masonry or come to a Masonic Lodge and spend some time getting to know the Masons there. Personal identity, character and background are important to Masons and their fraternal bretheren.
Unity Lodge 198 hall
Unity Lodge hall in the center of North Bend for over 100 years

North Bend Freemasons, Unity Lodge 198

The Unity Lodge hall is located at 119 1/2 West North Bend Way, in North Bend, Washington. It is four (4) store fronts east of Twede's Cafe, located above the Singletrack Cycles shop on the south side of West North Bend Way. Access to the second floor is up the stairway through the door just west of the Singletrack Cycles front door.


Parking is available on the street, in the alley behind the lodge or behind the Bank of America building to the north.


See the image below for the location of Unity Lodge in downtown North Bend.


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