Worshipful Master

Worshipful Master Matt Roalkvam

WB Matt first became a Mason seven years ago. He joined because he found that, after getting his Eagle Scout Award, and spending a few years away from scouting, he missed the camaraderie and socializing. Since going back wasn't really an option, he started looking around for something else. His father pointed out that his great uncle had been a Freemason, and that there was a Masonic Lodge in North Bend. He showed up one evening and found the camaraderie he had been missing, and then some.

This is Matt's third year as Worshipful Master.

In his words, "I love the fraternalism. I love the bond of Brotherly love that means that I can sit down with someone I've never met before, and not only have a pleasant conversation with them, but also know they're someone I can trust without hesitation.

"I dislike the propensity for status quo. There have been a fistful of times when I can think of someone refusing to regard the concept of change, simply because 'this is how we've always done it.' While due regard must always be given to historical precedent, I've felt on several occasions like ideas which would help keep the fraternity lively and viable were quashed simply out of a disdain for 'new' or 'different.' As for what I'll do about it? Ask me in a year or few, I'm still working on that.

"I really only have one goal for this year: Build Unity Lodge into a community that will not only draw in new Brothers, but will also bring them back year after year."

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