Centennial coin

On Saturday, August 17, 2013, members of North Bend Mason’s Unity Lodge celebrated a century of service to the Valley with a moment of renewal. North Bend Masons struck a special coin for the occasion.

The lodge had been deconsecrated and darkened before then Grand Master of Washington, Bruce E. Vesper, ceremonially rededicated it for another 100 years of service with a symbolic presentation of oil, grain and wine.

Grand Lodge ClaymoreThe Most Worthy Grand Master Vesper brought the official claymore of the Grand Lodge of Washington, used in important ceremonies, to North Bend for the re-dedication.

The fraternity first met as a lodge in North Bend in 1912, and was granted an official constitution from the Grand Lodge in 1913. Those first North Bend Masons made history when they gathered in the North Bend railway depot in January of 1912. After 100 years their dream of a permanent Masonic Lodge in North Bend continues.

Initially each of eleven men pledged $1,000 for the construction and furnishing of an appropriate home. The building is a historical landmark and one of the oldest buildings in North Bend.

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