Freemasonry symbolism
Image courtesy of C.7 Design Studio
Image courtesy C.7 Design Studio
Freemasonry can be seen as a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. The symbolism is mainly, but not exclusively, drawn from the manual tools of stonemasons - the square and compasses, the level and plumb rule, and the trowel, among others. A moral lesson is attached to each of these tools... The meaning of the symbolism is taught and explored through ritual. - from Wikipedia

Here are some links to websites with information about Freemasonry.


Masonic Lodge of Education

The Masonic Lodge of Education includes an extensive list of symbols and their meanings: (


The Masonic Apron

Meriwether Lewis' masonic apron

Each initiate, upon entering the Order, receives a symbolic apron, which is to be worn during all Masonic meetings and rituals.&nbsp This article shows the Masonic apron of Meriwether Lewis and explains the meaning of its rich symbolism.

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