Information about Masonry

Here are some links to websites with information about Freemasonry.

The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington, F & AM

For a good overview of Freemasonry in Washington, see the official site of for Blue Lodges in Washington state (

Builders: a Story and Study of Masonry

I find this the most inspirational book about Freemasonry I have read. No secrets revealed, but a deep and scholarly dive into the principles and understanding of an accomplished Master Mason as well as very interesting historic precedents to the Craft. For more comments see "The Builders" in Initiate's blog. A free copy is at

California Freemason (it's an app!)

I found this publication of the Masons of California. It is a quality, semi-monthly publication with interesting and relevant articles about a variety of topics of Freemasonry. You can find more information about the California Freenason app as well as a link to download it. The app is available for most mobile devices.

The Educator

The Educator website, published by Bro. Norm McEvoy, consists of articles and papers relating to  the history, philosophy and numerous other subjects relevant to Freemasonry, and its many aspects. The Educator is devoted to Masonic education. (

Masonic Lodge of Education

Here's an unofficial site for learning basic facts about Freemasonry, especially some unwritten ones abou etiquette, rules and procedures: (

Wikipedia on Freemasonry

Wikipedia has an introduction to Freemasonry: (

Freemasonry in the media

This YouTube video from the History Channel, Secret History of the Freemasonry Movement ( looks at the intricate relationships between ancient history, the Enlightenment and the rise of Democracy.

A blog about freedom and Freemasonry

This blog post from a well-known blogger, John Michael Greer, reveals relationships between the historical movement toward individual freedom and Freemasonry. It is also a helpful introduction to the animosity directed toward Freemasonry by the Roman Catholic church. ( 

Nine actual facts about Freemasonry

This article from CBS News has additional links to websites about Freemasonry: (

Brotherhood, not myths

National Public Radio published an article about renewal in Freemasonry. New Masons Drawn by brotherhood, not Myths: (

Dan Brown's myths about Freemasonry

Dan Brown has written fictional novels including assertions about Freemasonry. Here's some information regarding his book The Lost Symbol: (

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