Freemasonry requires a faith in a Supreme Being or Supreme Power, for membership. This power is often referred to as the Great Architect, in keeping with Masonry's symbolic roots in building. Even so it is non-sectarian. The meaning and the name are up to the individual Mason. In Freemasonry men of all faiths that honor God come together (Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc.)

Masons do not discuss sectarian religion in Masonic meetings, yet every Lodge meeting opens and closes with prayer. Masonry does not offer sacraments, teach a theology, nor does it offer the primise of salvation through its membership. So Freemasonry is not itself a religion through it does teach moral principles.

Freemasonry supports freedom of faith, but not freedom from faith. It urges each man to worship God in his own way. Freemasons and the principles of Freemasonry inspired the United States Constitution, among them an insistence on the separation of Church and State.

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