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I was passed to Second Degree Mason at my home lodge, Unity #198. Many thanks to all the Brothers who supported me with their attendance, good wishes and practiced ritual, especially to Bro. Phu Huynh from Lakeside #258, known throughout the District for his command of the degree lectures, who performed the honor at this ceremony.

WB Jonathan and Phu Huynh with the new Fellowcraft MasonMy mentor, WB Jonathan Seaton, presented me, WB Mark Goodwin served as Lodge Master, Chad Swaims as Junior Warden, WB Matt Roalkvam as Senior Deacon, and WB Frank Schumacher IV from Fall City #66 manned (or is it "brothered"?) the stations of Tyler and Secretary.

WB Jonathan Seaton, Bro. David Bach, WB Matt Roalkvam, WB Mark Goodwin, Bro. Chad Swaims, WB Frank Schumacher IV, and Bro. Phu HuynhBy this time there were no surprises and the ritual had more meaning. Just as when I was initiated as an Entered Apprentice, I still felt that Freemasonry, Unity Lodge and the Freemasons of Washington had bestowed an honor without my earning it. And I still felt the warm acceptance and support of all Brothers present.

Now, after eight months experience research Freemasonry and getting acquainted with Fellow Masons, I have realized that already I have changed, matured and grown both personally and in my appreciation of the principles of the Craft.

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