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It has always amazed and frustrated me that groups (both political and religious) proclaim that their creed is the one and only way to believe and to practice. Those who (apparently) seek union, are so divisive and exclusive of other viewpoints.

I take it that Freemasonry seeks to build community beyond sectarian or parochial views without disparaging any of these viewpoints. to create the circumstances in which men can find and build on what they agree about.

I’ve read about the voting methodology in a Freemasonry Lodge meeting. Masons vote by each choosing one of two types of objects (white ball vs. black ball, cube vs. sphere, etc.) and placing the object of their choice in a separate box. Each vote is on a single proposition. If there isn’t consensus (in the real sense of that word - all objects in favor) the vote is “No.”

I assume, though I haven’t seen it yet, that there is often some discussion before a decision is finally made. What a test for friendships! It revealed the real and historical meaning of being “black-balled.” One negative vote can negate a proposition.

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