Frustrated? Yes, sometimes I want this process of becoming a Freemason to move faster. I’ve noticed that I more often “learn at” rather than learn from.

I have collected and absorbed a ton of information from the Internet and from the information I just received. I have made connections between ideals and practices as revealed in the history of modern civilization. I have imagined many ways I can be a benefit to my Lodge.

Often, lately, I just want to get on with it! I know my mentor has a business he needs to tend to as well as pressing personal commitments this specific time of the year. Also, lodges aren't holding as many open meetings for Entered Apprentices this time of year.

Thank goodness for websites and books. The thoughts I’m putting down in this blog provide a good justification for taking the time to absorb and process these new experiences. If I were able to focus on “doing” I might miss the integration and deepening that these posts reveal.

All is in divine order.