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After I was accepted for initiation I received access to some documents for a project I am to begin working on once I have been accepted in a degree. For the 75th anniversary of the Lodge several Masters put down their recollections of people and experiences that were influential in developing North Bend from the early days after the turn of the 20th century.

Along with the scanned documents, which had been converted to digital text using optical character recognition (OCR), were photos of past masters as well as heritage photos of the early days of North Bend.

What treats! - both to learn the names and history of the area and to see antique photos of the development of the downtown area. Seeing names from the history document show up in the photos of past Masters enhanced the experience. I’ll surely have fun editing the text to correct for the inadequacies of OCR, reading the available history in its completion and tying in the related photos.

Links to the updated documents are in the right sidebar under Unty Lodge History on the History page. 

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