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In my searching the Internet for information about Freemasonry I’ve found as much negative furor as I have good information, suggesting that there might be a good bit of animosity in the local community.

I had an unscheduled visit with my dentist about a broken crown. I entered with my Freemasonry book of education and instruction in hand, in case I had time for reading. The dental assistant noticed the small blue book and asked what it was. I told here it was a book about Freemasonry. She seemed impressed.

While I chatted with my dentist after she put on a temporary filling I happened to mention that I was going to be made a Mason. My Dentist said this is a big deal - that it’s a real honor to be accepted. She was quite positive.

So here in this small town there are good feelings about the local Masons and the Unity Lodge 198. I imagine this is based on the long-term, low-key contributions the Lodge has made to this community.

The fringe religious diatribes don’t bother me. At least I’m confident that my local lodge isn’t threatening to take over the world.

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