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This article from the Seattle Times on November 4, 2015, sites studies indicating declining numbers of people who identify as "religious" and who believe in a higher power. It says:

In the Seattle area, however, just 52 percent of residents identify as Christian, while the figure in greater San Francisco is 48 percent. The "nones" make up 37 percent of Seattle's population, with 10 percent atheist, 6 percent agnostic, and 22 percent "nothing in particular." Thirty-five percent of Bay Area residents list no religious affiliation.

Because a blieve in a Supreme Being is a cornerstone of Freemasonry, we may need to refine the way we approach religious belief. The fact that fewer people (and possibly a higher percentage of men) seem to be possible candidates for Freemasonry challenges our need and desire to share Freemasonry's emphasis on integrity, morality and humaneness. 

Is there a way to "spin" the fact that Freemasonry is not a religion, although it requires personal believe in a higher power? I'm not suggesting changing requirements. But perhaps believ in a "higher power" is more generalized and easier to "sell" than Religion or belief in God. 



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