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  • VWB Gene Ulrich, District 7 representative of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington, asked me to share some of the thoughts and feelings from this blog at a District meeting.

  • I knew when I began this series of articles that it would end when I was raised to Master Mason. Formally, I am no longer an initiate.

    I also knew that I was very likely to be the only person who ever read it - that the individual blogger on an isolated website was destined for obscurity as social media obscured the Internet.

  • This blog is written by an admittedly stubborn, opinionated and inexperienced Master Mason, who may sometimes be (unintentionally) disruptive.

    In following posts I muse about the practices of Masonry as I have observed them over three years.

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  • I was thrilled and satisfied to be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. The ceremony was meaningful and engrossing, and revealed the actual secrets of the craft which I had repeatedly promised not to reveal, though at those times I hadn't a clue what they really were.

    I knew the story behind the ceremony of the raising. I avoided creating expectations. However, the experience of the ceremony blew past what think I might have imagined and took me to a higher level. Thanks and congratulations to the Brothers (from all District 7 Lodges) who worked around holiday events, personal plans, and even a wedding (congratulations Corey!) to present and perform that Saturday. This raising took lots of effort.

  • Now it has been 14 months since I petitioned to be made a Mason. I have been initiated as an Entered Apprentice and passed to the second degree of Fellowcraft.

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